June 3rd, 2009


Intriguingly -

Today's been an up and down cycle -

On the down side, I inadvertently made a friend's day worse when babbling about something of interest to me (game theory) and not noticing that I was treading on ground that was taken personally. No mater what my point is, or how good or bad it is, or whether or not it even exists, there's little or no excuse for callousness. After all, callousness is a painful, awful, horrid thing; it is self-importance personified, and speaks poorly of the one who sets it forth, regardless of reason.

So, I owe this person a genuine apology, but haven't had the guts to deliver it.

On the up side, a conversation that's been six months in the offing came out today: Tennessee DCS contacted me regarding an application for adoptive parenting, and we've begun the process. It'll take a year or so, give or take a month or two either direction /plus/ six months of foster-parenting before we're considered...

... but. But. We've started. I don't think I've ever been this nervous, save the day I asked my wife to marry me. We're /adopting/. In a bit, yes, but we made it official, we set the goal, we talked through everything - we agreed, and she's smiling. LIke the sun.


Now. Let's go fix the rest of it. :)