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The Standing Dragon Weekly

So. Much. Updating...

Wow. Been a while, huh? Well, what with the move, the new jobs, the getting settled, the crazy emergency stuff... well. It took a bit of work.

So, in the spirit of having too much to note and too little time, today will be a Bullet Point Entry(tm) instead of the usual blathering on and on about what may or may not have any real meaning. 'ere we go!

The Move:

  • Moving is always a pain, and always far too expensive. This move total? $1836.90. NOT counting deposits for the new place. Graar. Of this sum, $735 is /GAS/. Gasolina. Dinosaur juice. If you're moving in the near future, it doesn't pay NOT to factor that in. Keerist.

  • Remember: Gas pumps only let you pump $75 at a time.

  • I think we can get by on one car. Here's hoping. *fingers crossed*

    The Scooters

  • No go with financing - my credit is too much in the toilet after the tail end of Gulf Shores. SO! We do this the old-fashioned way, which is probably better anyway - we /save/. Hallelujah! May buy elcheapo to get Mindy wheels.

  • Have been offered a vintage RS350 in prime shape for $500. Am taking individual up on offer. Will make a decent commuter bike, depending on where I can leave important objects, or whether I can get butt cargo container for it. Research continues.


  • Budget for 2008 is done. If we can stick to it, we'll be down to car and one credit card by december, with good money in the bank. Who knew?

  • With the cards gone, at the end of one year, we'll have enough money to adopt. At the end of eighteen months, we'll have enough money for a down payment on a home. By 24? We'll have the investment fund restarted.

  • Remember goals: Kill the debt. Build the savings. NO MORE DEBT. Raar. Adopt.


  • Having trouble getting back online consistentlyf for gaming there. This is the suck.

  • Bought DND 4e books. Am very, very very very impressed. Am starting game soonest. (Brian, Tony - y'all in?)


  • Bike is fixed and rolling. have tubes, will travel.

  • Need better hydration system desperately. Hrrrml.

  • Goal: 150 by end of year. Which one? When? Who knows.

    .... continued after lunch!

  • Need new glasses. Will find cheap pair. :)


  • Looks like a dive trip next weekend to the quarry in Athens. RAWK!

  • MUST CLEAN GEAR TODAY. Have been lax. Lax is /bad/.

  • Need to get the ladyfaire into the pool - reweight + skills testing = GOOD.

  • NEEED storage unit @ apartment. BUT!...

    Stuff Reduction

  • Have TONS of stuff in storage that needs to get on Craigslist post-haste! (Washer, Dryer, bedframe, bedside tables, antique writing desk (1960's vintage), and god-knows-what-else. The longer it sits, the more we pay expensive storage fees.

  • Must go pay expensive storage fee.

  • Need to look into storage unit @ apartment building for bike, SCUBA, and craft stuff. Oi. half the price, convenient location, will have to rent/borrow truck. Grumblemutter.


  • New job rocks. Good folks, good cause, great people - hard to go wrong here. Now if I can just avoid getting run off for a weird sense of humor.

    And... that's it! Yaaar.

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