The Standing Dragon Weekly (standing_dragon) wrote,
The Standing Dragon Weekly

Stormy Skies

Outside, if you were living in Chattanooga and decided to look outside, you'd notice it's thunderstorming right this minute. Huge sheets of rain pour down loud enough to be heard over the air conditioning system even in the middle of the building, and the sky lights up with white light every once in a while... but without the corresponding boom and shake of thunder.

Yet, it's a summer storm. Ultimately, it will pass as quickly as it blew up, moving on to vent its fury somewhere else in the valley.

In its wake, though, is evidence of its passage - the wet streets and dripping leaves will be the first to dry up and fade. Then, the ground will slowly dry more; people will come outside to clean up whatever it blew about the streets, and where buildings are missing a shingle or two.. well, give it a few days and you likely won't even notice. But it's those buildings that interest me - the slow erosion of their roofs and sides, some parts faster than others. Eventually, it will have to be repaired, or the next storm may cause rooms to flood. The storm after that may cause a section of ceiling to collapse or a server to fail... without maintenance, the things we build slowly come apart as the storms smash into them, again and again.

A building left alone and forgotten will eventually succumb; one that is not cared for will fall apart slower, to be sure, but it's only mended once the damage is catastrophic. But some buildings are kept up - the storm's damage is repaired nearly as soon as it passes - and those buildings can last for centuries.

I think I'm going to go call my wife.
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