The Standing Dragon Weekly (standing_dragon) wrote,
The Standing Dragon Weekly

More Thinking -

I've always thought better typing.

Just sort of the nature of the beast - for me, it's very easy to get behind a screen and simply tap away, letting my thoughts flow at 90 WPM or so. Easier than paper - pen and ink feels slow; it is craftsmanship. Writing is something that should be savored, taken in, rolled out slowly and with attention to detail.

Digital ink is for wasting. Pens should be experential.

Of course, that could be just me being lazy.


I have come to believe in something very simple, over the last few days. It's so very easy - but something that I think none of us really give any consideration to, or just nod a lot at and go 'yup' without realizing the real meaning of the notion:

You are in control of your life.

It's your decision. Every step on the way. Every moment culminating in another moment - and while your control is certainly not complete, there's just no excuse for feeling as though you cannot affect your own destiny. We have grand plans, and we lay them aside. We have amazing dreams, and we talk about them without ever reaching for them.

Success or failure has little bearing - only the striving counts. And we control that, from top to bottom, from beginning to end.

And yes - I've said it before. It's just on my mind lately. So there.
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