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standing_dragon's Journal

Thoughts of the Philsopher Dragon

The Standing Dragon Weekly
10 June 1975
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Welcome to Chapter 2.

This particular chapter started on or about April 20, 2006, and looks like it's going to go at least through January.


Well, that's a move, a new job, a solid marraige, a beach, a bright, sunshiney day, and wierd politics - that's all at once, and all in a bubble.

"For tomorrow is another day".

Hopefully, this chapter will find me a bit more vocal, a bit more relaxed, a heckuva lot happier, and mabye even with a sense of humor again. I know I'm looking forward to it.

If you're just tuning in, welcome. I don't promise anything other than an occasional update and a few interesting anecdotes, if anecdotes can ever be considered interesting, really. Otherwise, have a sit and look around.

If you want the first book, you'll need to check out ishmael02 - that's the really old, angsty stuff. This one's more philosophical, boring, and trite. Promise. :)

Shannon J. Lane
the Standing Dragon, Ishmael

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